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AREOLA will lead to five project results during the 24-month project period. To achieve this, two types of activities are carried out in the project: Learning and Development (C1;A1-A6) and Cooperation Activities (E1-E9).

• Learning and Development Activities:

C1 - Learning and Training Activities:
>> The capacity building activity of Train the Trainers targets to promote an effective exchange of good practices;
>> VET trainers/experts will increase their knowledge on the development of materials for the theoretical part, and AR/VR tools for the practical part of PBF_LB Operators training;
>> Capacitated VET Trainers/Experts with the knowledge need to deliver Metal AM Operators training for PBF-LB;
>> VET Trainers/Experts apply developed contents and tools in their countries and VET centres.

A1 - Research Analysis:
>> Connect to the needs’ assessment associated to the remote delivery of the Metal AM Operator for PBF-LB qualification by using AR and VR training environments;
>> Targets to present needs associated with the delivery of the Metal AM Operator for PBF_-LB qualification by using AR/VR training environments;
>> Identify the percentage of training to be delivered presential and remotely as well as which skills can be acquired through AR/VR tools.

A2 - Development of the Metal AM PBF-LB Operator Training Tools and Blended Learning Guideline:
>> Related to the development of the training tools for the Metal AM PBF-LB Qualification, focused on AR/VR and Blended-learning;
>> Addresses development of materials to deliver PBF-LB Operator Theoretical and Practical tools as well as Blended Learning Guideline for Implementation.

A3 - Learning Activities:
>> Test and validate the training tools developed, including train the trainers' event and pilot activities directly with students.

A4 - Dissemination & Exploitation:
>> Continue during the project and all partners will undertake dissemination and exploitation activities;
>> Focus on the dissemination of AREOLA and on its results’ exploitation, including national and European events;
>> Include multiplier events which play an important role for sustainability and maintained the results.

A5 - Quality Assurance and Evaluation:
>> Ensures project quality through the application of a comprehensive and robust quality assurance mechanisms;
>> Includes the development and launching of evaluation tools and methodologies in EN with cross information methods and focus groups;
>> Develops a quality plan and an evaluation strategy with milestones and KPIs to help with project management and implementation, in line with the 3P model for quality assurance;
>> Run mid-term and final evaluation and reporting for identification of possible risks and needs regarding the project’s re-engineering and implementation of mitigation actions, including AREOLA’s impact analysis.

A6 - Project Management:
>> Coordinate and organizes periodic meetings and record the outcomes;
>> Communicate with National Agency and elaborate technical and financial reports;
>> Conduct project on time and within budget.

• Cooperation Activities:

Virtual National Roundtable:
>> Discuss and present the preliminary result of national pilot study;
>> 20 participants among national pilot activities’ trainers and trainees, VET providers and companies from AM sector, national policy makers and other relevant stakeholders will participate in virtually;
>> Takes benefit from possibility to showcase the database of practical scenarios for PBF-LB operator activities;
>> Invites the participants to get updated information about the project results and how to get benefit or cooperate from the project result in the future.

National Seminar:
>> Shares the project results of (theoretical & practical training tools and blended learning guideline) with wider audience;
>> Increases AREOLA activities, maintenance AREOLA outcomes and disseminate the process through a wide network;
>> Encourages early adoption by VET providers Centers;
>> Allows to reach a wide range of stakeholders from the Advanced Manufacturing namely manufacturers, education providers, policy makers to end users.

European Final Conference:
>> Shares the project results with wider international audience;
>> Promote awareness about AREOLA activities, lifelong learning, and disseminating AREOLA project results;
>> Enhances future adoptationadaptation by VET providers;
>> Targets to access VET providers, policy makers, stakeholders and end users.