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AREOLA project is for Aerospace PBF-LB Operators, which targets to respond Aerospace sector's need for increasing PBF-LB Operators’ skills. Online training materials and virtual training tools (Virtual Reality – VR and Augmented Reality – AR) are developed as innovative measures to boost Vocational Educational Training (VET) systems for training in this sector.

Through a close connection with Additive Manufacturing (AM) industrial networks and the Aerospace sector, the AREOLA project will increase the quality of the training provided in the PBF-LB Operators field, ensuring that the high-quality standards in terms of training for this sector are met. Moreover, supplying practical training in a virtual digital environment via VR and AR will significantly reduce the cost of training in European VET providers, improve access and flexibility whilst and promoting the overall VET attractiveness.

This initiative is developed in the framework of the International Additive Manufacturing Qualification System (IAMQS) that englobes a series of harmonized AM qualifications.


The objectives of AREOLA project are to:
>> Increase quality of training for PBF-LB Operators;
>> Support the recovery of Aerospace sector;
>> Provide the foundations for an AM training revolution through AR/VR tools;
>> Develop innovative Blended learning tools to enhance the quality of VET in technical fields;
>> Raise EU VET attractiveness and awareness;
>> Reduce VET centres cost in theoretical and practical training;
>> Boost AM VET towards the digital era;
>> Foster Industry and VET relation (through AM networks and development of industry-based training scenarios).