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AREOLA project is for Aerospace PBF-LB Operators, which targets to respond Aerospace sector's need for increasing PBF-LB Operators’ skills. Online training materials and virtual training tools (Virtual Reality – VR and Augmented Reality – AR) are developed as innovative measures to boost Vocational Educational Training (VET) systems for training in this sector.

The Innovation of the project AREOLA will be:
>> The report on the needs assessment will show what the expectations are for the application of AR/VR technologies in the training of PBF-LB operators in AM education systems;
>> Development of the theoretical learning/teaching/training materials – Manual / Handbook / Guidance material for the theoretical training of PBF-LB operators;
>> Development of VR/AR tools to deliver PBF-LB Operator Practical;
>> Identification of innovative training, and assessment strategies in the Additive Manufacturing field;
>> Detailed and fully tested blended learning path in AM PBF-LB Operator qualifications and adaptation of IAMQS training guideline.