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1) Report on Validation Needs Analysis:

Industry is constantly lacking skilled additive manufacturing professionals, specifically to carry out PBF-LB process. To tackle this issue education must be continuously improved and evolve in this new digital era. The use of AR and VR technologies in the Additive Manufacturing field is foreseen as a new trend in the sector.

The fact that some of the training can be delivered via these innovative digital technologies, highly impacts VET providers training in the field.

This project result includes a detailed desk research in the field of VR and AR, assessing their implementation in PBF-LB Operators training.

The research includes the implementation of a survey to industry stakeholders and training providers to assess the needs associated to the delivery of the Metal AM Operator for PBF-LB qualification remotely by using AR and VR training environments.

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2) Development of materials to deliver PBF-LB Operator Theoretical:

The focus of this Project Result (PR) is on the development of theoretical training materials for PBF-LB Operators. Aerospace industry has strict requirements within the sector specific standards regarding all aspects that can influence the quality of the parts delivered, being one of which, training and qualification of all the personnel involved within the process. The existing International IAMQS PBF-LB Operator curriculum tackles the relevant topic in Aerospace sector. Although the qualification guidelines cope with Aerospace industry requisites, it is necessary that the training materials are also aligned with these sector very specific needs.

In this PR we can find innovative training materials developed and adapted to also be used in case on remote online learning is needed. This PR target groups include industrial companies, AM machine manufacturers, IAMQS network of training centres and VET providers working in the AM field, more precisely PBF-LB.

Key Words: #PBF-LBOperatorstrainingmaterials / #Aerospacesector / #CasestudiesinAerospacefield / #Innovation / #IAMQS

Case Studies: EN / DE / PT / ES
Lesson Plan: EN / DE / PT / ES
Training Manual: EN / DE / PT / ES
PPT Slides & Notes: EN / DE / PT / ES

3) Development of VR/AR tools to deliver PBF-LB Operator Practical:

Project Result (PR) 3 englobes the development of innovative AR and VR tools for practical training of AM PBF-LB Operators. AM Operators training must evolve through the new digital era to cope with the adversities found by covid 19 and the high-quality standards required in the Aerospace sector.

The AR and VR tools, for the parts of the curriculum of AM PBF-LB Operators, identified in AREOLA’s PR1 as possible to be deployed on an online virtual environment, are developed in this PR3.

The result consists of designing and implementing of real-life Additive Manufacturing case studies in an AM VR and AR software for the main practical activities identified for the selected professional profile.

Key Words: #practicalvirtualtraining / #remotelearning / ARandVRtools / #IndustrialscenariosforAMactivitiesintheAerospacesector / #Innovation

AREOLA VR Training Set Up Instructions: EN
Task 2: Database of practical scenarios for PBF-LB operator activities
Task 3: XR Simulation tools for practical training
Teaser: Health and Safety: Electric Current Hazards
Teaser: Laser Power Measurement

4) Comparison between the different learning and teaching strategies:

Project Result (PR) 4 comprehends a comparison between different teaching and training strategies used in AREOLA’s project. Training activities in industrial sectors must evolve towards a new digital era. The analysis conducted in this PR will pave the way for future European training to be delivered with the use of more evolved digital resources and conducted remotely.

A Research Study with the results from the pilot courses, on which these strategies are implemented, conduct the courses, and enables to validate the practical training to be delivered through AR/VR and/or on-site training, as well as the skills to be addressed by each training approach. This PR allows to assess to which extent can AR/VR tools be used in the delivery of PBF-LB training Qualification.

Key Words: #innovativetrainingstrategiesintheAdditiveManufacturing / #PBF-LBOperatorGuideline

Theoretical Material Pilot Report: EN / DE / PT / ES
Comparison between different Training Methodologies: EN / DE / PT / ES
XR User Manual for Trainers: EN

5) Blended Learning Guideline for implementation:

The Project Result (PR) 5 focus on the update of the International Metal AM PBF-LB Operator Guidelines. Additive manufacturing industry is constantly evolving and there is the need to keep updating AM Operators curriculum with the latest technological developments and innovative teaching pathways.

The work in this PR will allow future European training in AM to be delivered with innovative blended learning methodologies.

Key Words: #Blendedlearning / #VETtraining / #IAMQSMetalAMOperatortrainingguidelines / #PBF-LBOperatorProfile

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